"Buying Bouquets" is a film about believing in the idea of "the one". Tristen, a disillusioned "romantic" is broken up with by his girlfriend Lara. However, Tristen believes that she is "the one". Enlisting the help of his local flower shop owner Raul, the two set about to perform grand gestures of love in an effort to win Lara back.


Tristen - (Played by Topher Hansson) Heavily believing in the idea of "The One", Tristen is determined to win back his girlfriend Lara. Passionate to a fault, Tristen's disillusioned view of love might come back to bite him in the end. 

Lara - (Played by Emmalyn Anderson) Moving for work, Lara breaks up with Tristen. Lara politely puts up with Tristen's efforts to win her back. But she can only say "no" so many times. 

Raul - (Played by Francis Hauert) The quiet flower shop owner, Raul decides to help Tristen because he too believes in the idea of love. However, after seeing Tristen and his grand gestures, Raul might not have known what he's gotten himself into.

Natalie - (Played by Michelle Principi) A young woman who is eager to please her boss, the real estate agent. She does not care for flowers.