Buying Bouquets

A Short Film by Evan Yee





"Buying Bouquets" is a film about believing in the idea of "the one". Tristen, a disillusioned "romantic" is broken up with by his girlfriend Lara. However, Tristen believes that she is "the one". Enlisting the help of his local flower shop owner Raul, the two set about to perform grand gestures of love in an effort to win Lara back.


Tristen - (Played by Topher Hansson) Heavily believing in the idea of "The One", Tristen is determined to win back his girlfriend Lara. Passionate to a fault, Tristen's disillusioned view of love might come back to bite him in the end. 

Lara - (Played by Emmalyn Anderson) Moving for work, Lara breaks up with Tristen. Lara politely puts up with Tristen's efforts to win her back. But she can only say "no" so many times. 

Raul - (Played by Francis Hauert) The quiet flower shop owner, Raul decides to help Tristen because he too believes in the idea of love. However, after seeing Tristen and his grand gestures, Raul might not have known what he's gotten himself into.

Natalie - (Played by Michelle Principi) A young woman who is eager to please her boss, the real estate agent. She does not care for flowers. 






Topher Hansson - Tristen

Born in Worcester Massachusetts, Topher Hansson is a multi-dimensional actor who has been entertaining others since childhood. Topher fell in love with performing at an early age and spent his formative years creating and starring in a series of short films and television shows alongside his childhood friends. His ever-growing passion and determination has evolved leading him to starring roles in feature and short films as well as commercial work in the Boston indie scene. Topher is also an accomplished musician, well learned in multiple instruments, and is a burgeoning producer, writer, and stand-up comedian in his spare time. One of the up and coming creative minds in the entertainment industry, Topher Hansson hopes to leave his mark as an actor on as many different avenues as possible, all the while entertaining and inspiring others along the way.






Emmalyn Anderson - Lara

Raised on the beaches of Cape Cod, Emmalyn  Anderson is a true New England actress signed with Model Club, Inc.  It was while studying at Lasell College that Emmalyn truly discovered her passion for being in front of the camera, and graduated with her BA of Communication in 2011. “There’s just something about coming together as a team to create a piece of work that, at the end of someone’s day, they can watch to forget about the stress of their own lives. Whether it makes them laugh, cry or cringe, if you can take a person’s mind off their problems, then you have given them a gift.”

Presently, Emmalyn resides in Boston bringing a fresh face to both New York City and the growing film industry at home and is excited to play the role of "Lara" in "Buying Boquets", directed by Emerson filmmaker Evan Yee.

Francis Hauert - Raul


Francis is a newcomer to acting in the Boston area. In fact this thespian thing, once a high school ambition, has been a part of his adult life just the past five years, and then again mostly in rural community theater around where the states of New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts meet. So he is particularly pleased for the opportunity to portray a lovely fellow like Raul, a character to whom he will bring some of what he has gleaned about life in prior professional gigs, back in New York City, as an art dealer, and then a Wall Street money manager. Then again, he may also draw from the few years spent renovating a 1780's farmhouse at the end of a dirt road in the hills rolling on down toward the mighty Connecticut River. Whatever plays in his process, Francis will be sure to seek wonder and insight, attributes which, to paraphrase Bette Davis, carry acting from craft to creation.

Michelle Principi - Natalie

Michelle Principi is a senior at Boston College, pursuing a degree in Italian Studies with a minor in Psychoanalytical Studies. Currently, Michelle is filming a college-adaptation of "House of Cards" (known as "Mod of Cards") in the role of Zoe Barnes. In addition to student films shot in and around Boston, Michelle has also had parts in the independent films "Bjorn" and "Theory of Conflict". Past theatrical roles include Lady Capulet (Romeo Juliet; The Opposite of People), the Fairy Godmother (The Wishing Stone; Dragonfly Theatre Company), and Mrs. T/Puppeteer (Avenue Q; Boston College Theatre), as well as ensemble roles in "The Drowsy Chaperon" and "The Trojan Women" (both produced by Boston College Theatre). She is looking forward to playing Sandra in "One Flew OVer the Cuckoo's Nest" this spring at the GardenRose Theatre Company. In addition to acting, Michelle has choreographed for the Boston College Irish Dance Club and the Boston College Dramatic Society's 2013 performance of "Godspell".





Ever since a young age, Evan has been fascinated with telling stories. However when he realized he couldn't keep combining all of his favorite cartoon show characters into one big story, he begin to create his own, whether it be through writing, on stage, or through film. Currently enrolled at Emerson College, Evan is finishing up his senior year as a Film Production Major. At Emerson, Evan has served as President of the National Broadcasting Society, an organization dedicated to teaching students about film and television production. He has also attended the Prague Summer Film Program at the Prague Film Academy (FAMU). Evan is excited to bring “Buying Bouquets” to life!

Link to Past Work: https://vimeo.com/studioyee 



Skylar is a senior Producing Major at Emerson College. She has worked on numerous projects during her time there, including the television narratives "Losing It" and "The Trophy Case". In addition, she is the Executive Producer of "Musicians Wanted", a music television show presented by the National Broadcasting Society. Skylar looks forward to spending her final semester in Boston applying the skills she has learned on her past projects to "Buying Bouquets".  



Roger is a passionate filmmaker who studies at Emerson College. He loves helping friends with their film/video projects and he enjoys contributing on a creative level. He has shot some short films and worked on numerous projects. He wears a maroon hat everyday. He does not mess around.



Matt is currently a senior Writing for Film and Television Major and Marketing Communications Minor at Emerson. An aspiring screenwriter and producer, Matt has worked on countless Emerson and independent productions. He also serves as the vice-president of the National Broadcasting Society, one of Emerson’s film and television organizations. He is extremely thrilled to have the opportunity to produce “Buying Bouquets.”




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First Semester was filled with lots of rewrites, casting, and more.

January 1st, 2015 - Launched official website

January 18th, 2015 - Launch Kickstarter

Shoot Dates: February 6-8, February 13-15



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